Project Sharks

Bespoke project management and automation solutions backed by robust service and delivery model

With over 16 years working in the IT field across multiple domains, we have seen a lot of trends come and go. A solution that works in one organization or a geographical region can fail miserably in other.

Despite new methodologies and management techniques meant to head off failures, many of the factors that traditionally put IT projects at risk of failure are still present in the system: Inadequate resources, overly aggressive timelines, underestimated costs, overlooked requirements, unanticipated complications, poor governance and poor software solutions can all lead to project failures.

We bring with us, a deep understanding of practical issues that organizations face, backed by a rich experience in multiple domains. We will help you navigate these problems mixed with top notch CIO level advice to guide your organization to success.

How to best leverage your IT budget and be effective?

This is critical to small & medium business owners. We found most small to medium-sized businesses lack access to CIO level advice and competent IT project management support. This is where our team steps in: to bring all the benefits and resources of an enterprise IT PMO to smaller business.

At Project Sharks, our primary goal is to manage your IT projects by leveraging commercially available software products and customizing the solutions to suit your unique needs to enable you to keep your staff highly effective. We accomplish this by providing you with all the benefits of an in-house Project management department without the associated overhead. We can provide a turnkey “Project Management Office” customized to your business and your budget.

All of this and more, for a low monthly fee, truly makes Project Sharks “Your own PMO”.

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